Here you will find all the attractions, main places and touristic points, as well as best Asturian beaches to make the most of your holidays in Asturias
Also, the best accommodation; Cottages and Holiday rental homes to spend your stay here.
A selection supervised by our Asturian team, dedicated to national and foreign tourism for over 15 years, that will ensure your best choice with no surprises to Enjoy your holiday in Asturias.


Asturias: One of the most touristics areas in North of Spain

We will guide you through an interesting tour of the main tourist areas of Asturias.
We will show you in detail the Most Picturesque Villages of eastern Asturias as Ribadesella, Llanes, Colunga, Bowls, Ballasts, Villaviciosa, Arriondas, Cangas de Onis.
And you will discover all Beaches as Torimbia Beach, Gulpiyuri, Niembru, Vega Beach , Cuevas del Mar, Andrin, Poo, Rodiles, Barro, and many more, with all the necessary information about them: as Directions, details of interest, photographs, etc..
And of course, the Europe Peaks: “Los Picos de Europa” and the major trekking routes where you can discover the real essence of Asturias, its mountains and the tradition and culture around these places.
Sights such as Covadonga Santuary, Covadonga Lakes, The Pria Jesters, Tito Bustillo Caves, and Dinosaurs Route where you can see traces of these prehistoric animals in several points of the Asturian coast. Points you can’t miss if you are going to spend your holidays in Asturias.
And also Traditional Markets, museums and activities all of them focused for all types of audiences. In our “Asturias with children” section you will find all kinds of tours and activities for families to enjoy.
And we can not forget, especially in the summer time from June to September the many festivals celebrated in most of the villages.
In the Asturias’s Calendar Festival, you will find detailed all the events so you do not miss anything depending on the dates you choose to visit us.
These are festivals to all kinds of people, bringing together families with children, groups of young people and even elder local people.
You will see Astur-Medieval fairs acclimated in other centuries, and many other always steeped in tradition, with typical Asturian food, cider, orchestras … and Great fun guaranteed.
We hope you will enjoy the most spending your holidays in asturias!


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